Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A Whole Year of Updates (2/5)

On a happier note comes the year 2012.

January 2012. New Year's eve was of no difference. The festive atmosphere was absent. Crackling of firecrackers, videokes in each corner and roaring laughter were replaced with eerie silence. Cagayan de Oro was different. And recalling what I heard and seen was heartbreaking.

February 2012. The boyfriend and I spent the Valentine weekend (and celebrated five years together) in the land of Chocolate Hills. We boarded in Bohol Bee Farm, where everything is "organic".

Dinners were awesome at Bohol Bee Farm. They always include their yummy breads and spreads, and spicy flowers salad.

Bohol Bee Farm is in the island of Panglao. The boyfriend and I stayed at the "Buko" Garden Bungalow Room. Everything was made of coconut - the soapdish, ash tray, bedside table, lamps and all the decors. Infront was a flower garden where chilled the afternoon away.

They also boast for diving and boating. We weren't into it at that time since it was just the two of us (meaning more expensive). Instead, we, again, lounged and relax infront of the water and breeze.

We also enjoyed the beach in Bohol Beach Club where it boasted pristine white sand that stretched for a kilometer or so. It was the perfect sun and sand combination. There's a swimming pool, for you non-beach lovers. Entrance is at Php350 on weekdays, and Php500 on weekends. Take out Php150, and the rest can be consumed on food and beverage at the restaurant. It was sulit. If we weren't that scared of getting our skin burned, we would've slept under the coconut trees, on the hammock, for much longer.

Our Bohol getaway wouldn't be complete without the countryside tour. Chocolate Hills, Loboc River Cruise, Baclayon Church and Museum, the man-made forest and seeing the tarsiers.

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