Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Whole Year of Updates (3/5)

March 2012. The boyfriend and I were supposed to celebrate the actual fifth year together on the 18th but plans had been made with girl friends to tour Cebu. I pushed through with Cebu, enjoyed three days of sun, food, shoes and more food. Only to come back to Manila with the boyfriend mad at me.

It was my second time in Moalboal and I hoped earlier that the girls would arrange for a Camotes or Bantayan escapade. Still the same fun as last year's except that ALL the girls got drunk. Imagine six girls finishing two bottles of vodka and I-couldnt-remember-how-much bottles of beer. Everyone shared their heartaches and sorrows. It wasn't easy. Each one of us had a lot to deal with. But anyway, I wouldn't want to talk so much about this because as they said "What happens in Cebu, stays in Cebu".

The morning after.

April 2012. This month came by so fast. I couldn't remember any out of town trips except maybe for the random Tagaytay roadtrips the boyfriend and I do.

When Manila's temperature goes up and becomes unbearable, we take refuge in Tagaytay. An hour or so of driving and we're engulfed in cold air and very light atmosphere. The city boasts of scenic view of the Taal Volcano and Batangas bulalo. We preferred going to Mahogany (the meat market) than in those expensive restaurants. It felt more authentic because the karinderyas are fronting the market which sells beef only.

May 2012. My birth month. Quarter-life crisis got me a year earlier. Being 24, working in Manila, in a multinational company, having a boyfriend of five years, being far away from my family, I had a lot of questions in my mind.

The boyfriend and I had an extended misunderstanding (because I pushed through with the Cebu trip on our fifth anniversary). We weren't really arguing. We were simply drifting apart. I went out with my girl friends, shopped alone, worked myself out. He had extended hours with officemates, on beer, playing basketball and work as well. Our differences were more emphasized and seemed irreconcilable. What made it harder was the fact that we shared an apartment together. At home, we talked about nothing. We pretended there was nothing wrong with our relationship. We'd still hold hands while walking, kiss each other goodnight and hugged when he picked me up from the office. But the "I love yous" had been rare. Pretensions. Lies. Cover-ups.

Things at work were getting heavier but it was fun. My colleagues are loud, funny, perverts (hahaha), noisy, talkative and ate a lot. Pantry discussions made lunch more tasteful and pancit meriendas became venues for more adult talks.

Coping with what I call as "quarter-life crisis" will be in the next portion.

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