Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Late Post

Don't doubt love if you still feel it in the morning.

I've been watching a lot of American TV series for the past few months. My list includes Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Shit My Dad Says, Outsourced and Mad Men. Except for the last one, the rest are comedic in nature. Nonetheless, I would have to say that I enriched myself with a handful of life principles to live by as the serious one.

I can personally relate to some characters and let me review each of them:

Big Bang Theory. I am definitely no Sheldon academically and a Penny physically. I don't like to associate myself with nerdy Leonard either. What I'm trying to get at in this series is how a group of nerds cope with the social "norms" and at the same time still craze over Star Wars and Star Trek, Physics, Engineering, Comics and a whole of of nerdy stuff. How they look and behave may not be balanced at all, but they definitely progress to definitive results at the university and at home with neighbor Penny.

How I Met Your Mother. My relationship is a Lily-Marshall episode. We've been together for many years and very openly comfortable

04 Sep 2012
And I trailed off from the last sentence. :-/

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