Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

Just like Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower, I am starting to write to you. Hoping that you're just like the one he's writing too and him as well. Like a wallflower, that observes, tries to participate in the things around him but doesn't get involved. Quiet but existing.

Let me begin this by introducing a little of me. I've been a corporate slave for five years already, in the sixth year with my boyfriend and 25 years alive. I live alone with my dog, who's the most constant in my life right now.

I am nothing like Charlie. I am an extrovert in many ways. I like to participate in all things. I like to talk, laugh and enjoy anything. 

I am in love. I love my boyfriend more than anyone in the world, except my dog. He is the tree that I hold on to and take shelter during thunderstorms. He's far away but we've always been sure of the two of us together forever.

I think that, most of the time, we want things that we can't really have. The more we know that we're not supposed to have or do it, the more we get challenged and cling on to it instead. Maybe that's how I am. I think that's how I am. Though I'm trying to live with it. I'm trying to be contented and not ask for the impossible. I try to work on the things that can be done instead.

For now, I'll just leave it to you this way. A little bit of me.

Love always,
A friend

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