Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today is supposed to be for catching up, for spending quality time together. With unfortunate turn of events, I just really had to screw this up.

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I have become the worst person to be in a relationship with. I'm sorry I dwell on my trust issues and it seems that I am only getting worse. I seem to have found comfort in crying, in pain, in quarreling. Going on about my issues have become a habit. All these are unfair to you.

I know you try very hard to find time, hurdle the Makati traffic, come up with believable excuses, drag your ass to my lowly abode just to be with me. Believe me, I'm trying hard at least equally. I curse at Uber drivers who lose their directions, navigate slowly and blaming them for the hell of a traffic that I go through. I would step out of the car in the middle of Skyway and just dash home if I could. I close my eyes when I have to shell out 500 bucks per way because I know that if I take the public transportation, you'd be fucking mad. On my ride home, I think of ways how I can set the mood, make up for the lost time and even what to feed you.

Before I welcome you with kisses when you knock on my door, A LOT has already happened.

Now, I'm in my desk typing all these. Although I prefer to be at home, with a tub of ice cream or a tray of lasagna, contemplating about my poor choices.

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