Monday, July 11, 2016

Things Lea is Thankful for Week 2

Another week! Hooray! A rainy one tho, but still as full of highs and lows. Typhoon. Passport renewal. Impulsive haircut.

This week I was finally able to present what I'd been working for a couple of weeks to my stakeholders. It was a breeze, well maybe for now. Still, I'm crossing my fingers that this will turn out well until I see them in Singapore for the workshop.

Classes got suspended in Friday because of Typhoon Butchoy. I managed to get into the office as there was no suspension/BCP alert. The government offices got suspended by 1PM, which means I couldn't visit the BIR office in Buendia to have my tax records updated. Ugh!

I stayed home, cried myself for a pretty heavy reason (which shall remain personal) and just watched TLC with Yoda. I felt a little febrile so even if I received a call for coffee, I decided not to leave my bed.

Saturday. Since I was completing my pre-employment requirements for my new job, I'd been bugging the DFA website for possible earlier appointment slots so that I can have my passport renewed. It expires in November 11 2016 (amazingly my passport was issued in 11/11/11!) but it should be renewed six months prior. Crazy. I still couldn't understand what the imprinted expiration date is for.

In May, I tentatively secured a spot for August 20 in DFA SM Manila. That's three months! Luckily, the DFA overhauled their website and passport scheduling portal which means there are more open slots made available! A couple of weeks ago, I was able to get a July 9 slot. Jackpot that it's a Saturday! Ha!

DFA South is located in the 4th level of the Metro side of Alabang Town Center. I had to go through maze-like because seriously, maraming pasikot sikot! I had a hard time and I had to ask three security officers for directions inside the mall. When I got there, it was fairly efficient. The only hiccup was in Step 3, Biometrics, which was the last one. It only took me ~15 minutes for the schedule and information validation, receipt issuance and payment. Then it's more than an hour for Step 3 alone. I was effing hungry already. I arrived at 11:40, for my 12 noon schedule, and finished at around 1:40.

I decided to just leave immediately and have my late lunch back in Makati. I took the 2pm P2P premium bus service. This service is THE bomb. Hands down to this initiative. It leaves as scheduled and is point-to-point only. That's Greenbelt 1-ATC and vice versa. Per way was only ~20mins. No hassle AT ALL! Plus the drivers and conductors are friendly and serves professionally. There's also wifi on most units, although the one I took going home didn't have.

So anyway, I impulsively dialed the neighboring David's Salon to have my hair cut! Really short. As they say, a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. I'll just leave it that way. *wink*

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